Welcome to the We The People Americans United!

Right now, America is completely divided. There are massive societal divides like age, race, sex, medical health, income, religion, education, and politics. Take a small walk down your main road and ask the members of your community: Are Americans united? Do our leaders work hard to merge us with our fellow Americans?
America is a remarkable country. It is a country that leads individuals and families to cross deserts for a rare opportunity at changing their destiny. When foreign persons think of America, they visualize a place where inhabitants are united in morals and spirits. But alas! A political wind transformation has caused a changed in the climate of our country. Our people are controlled by our government and both private and public entities , which finds pleasure in demagoguery, scandals, and divisive rhetoric.
Now is the right time for unity – unity of belief and thought in a loving, kind and wealth of prosperity for all.